Where are those who taunted the Pharaohs of Egypt thus: “Mo Salah was there yet we still beat them?”

First of all, a disclaimer: This piece is not intended to ‘spoil’ the day for anyone because anyone with the basic principle of sowing and reaping can safely predict the nature of harvest waiting for those who plant ‘spoilt’ seeds in the garden of others.

Every day in the school of life gives us opportunities to learn. The semi-final qualification of the Pharaohs of Egypt in the ongoing African Cup of Nations last night after a shaky start to the competition, offered us an important moment for learning and reflection.

Here is the central point: until the ultimate victory, every other victorious moment is a temporal situation. Every temporal victorious situation can be reversed, replaced or changed (remember that incontestable fact from ancient times that the only constant in life is change?)

Perhaps the temporariness of moments, regardless of its trappings, glamour or highs, is intended to help moderate our overall comportment, and restrain us from thinking of ourselves more highly than we ought. Perhaps the temporariness of moments was also intended for us to learn to be gracious in victory so that when the proverbial tables turn in the proverbial tomorrow, as they most definitely would, we would qualify to experience the graciousness of others.

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