Will you accept to be smuggled into the US in a coffin by a man whose surname is Blood?

Lai, lai (God forbid bad thing!)

Sit down there. You are not yet desperate

I repeat, God forbid bad thing. That is a super case of ‘Double Wahala for Deadi bodi.’

You can call it whatever you like. By the way, which is better, being smuggled into the United States in a coffin or walking through the Sahara Desert to North Africa and crossing the Mediterranean Sea on a canoe overcrowded by desperate migrants seeking to get into Europe at all costs?

None of the above. What did you say the name of the smuggler is again?

Blood. Zachary Blood. He is actually a Texan. And he did try to smuggle two Mexicans inside a coffin into the United States but he was caught by Border Patrol officials.

Those Mexicans should have known. Everything about the project was wrong, particularly the name. How in the world can someone introduce himself as Mr. Blood? Goodness me, it gives me the chills already.

Pray that your flight not be in winter; neither on the Sabbath Day

What are you talking about?

I’m sorry, when you mentioned chills, I remembered snow and the chills from it.

We are talking about Mr. Blood, and you’re here talking about snow and winter.

You already told me you will not accept the offer to be smuggled into the US in a coffin by a man named Blood

Yes, I did.

Ok but have you ever considered what might be the most desperate situation in life for you and what you’d do to help the situation?

When we get to that bridge, we will cross it. Besides, I know my God is always with me, even in the most desperate situations.

Let somebody shout Halleluya!

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