What’s your favorite birth story for persons bearing the name Mercy?

Why do you want to know?

The name has been ringing in my head for the past 2 weeks

Is that the real reason you want to know?

Today is the first day of the month of February, 2022 and I am praying for mercy to follow me and my family throughout the new month and the rest of the year.

You are praying for Mercy to follow you? Like seriously?

Don’t be cheeky. Wasn’t The Power of God’s Mercy the theme of the Pastor Poju-led West African Faith Believers’ Convention, WAFBEC, which held in the first week of January this year?

Clever, eh? Why do I get the feeling that you are after something else?

Your mind is fully under your control, you can relinquish that control if you choose but it is exclusively yours

My beloved mind expert, please can you tell me your favorite birth story for persons bearing the name Mercy?

What’s your interest in knowing my favorite birth story for persons bearing the name Mercy?

My interests are simple. You know that in Nigeria and in many parts of the world, there is usually a story behind the name that is given to most children at birth. The circumstances surrounding the birth of children have a way of influencing the names given to those children. More often than not, for parents with a religious or philosophical bent, some of the names given to children at birth, are almost wishes/prayers for the child. Those parents, kind of hope that benevolent forces from providence would accompany the child and attend to he/she in moments of need throughout his/her lifetime. There are a myriad of other reasons and expectations but there is always something special about children that are named Mercy at birth.

You’re right

So, are you ready to tell me your favorite Mercy birth story now?

Only on one condition

And what is that?

That you share my thoughts with your readers

That’s easy

And let them ask everyone named Mercy to always remember their birth story and draw as much guidance from it as possible


Good. This now is my favorite birth story for someone that is named Mercy. My friend’s mother, who was many weeks pregnant, went to the doctor one morning with her husband for a routine examination. In the course of discussion, they discovered the baby’s expected day of delivery among other things before leaving for home. Everything went smoothly and fine until one morning when my friend’s mother, accompanied by her husband, decided to go to the market to shop for groceries. This was almost 6weeks before the expected delivery date. Suddenly, right there in the market, she felt nature’s call and looked at her husband to pass across the message. Their eyes dotted in different directions looking for signs to the rest rooms. She handed the bag of groceries to her husband and quickened her pace as he pointed to a door on her far right. He followed her but stopped when he got to the door bearing ‘Female Only.’ She rushed in and was ready any moment to ease herself when rather than getting a feeling of relief, she screamed out loud. Upon hearing his wife’s voice, the husband rushed into the bathroom, temporarily forgetting the Female Only sign.

One look at his wife and he saw the head of his beautiful daughter at the tip of the birth canal. He panicked but help had already arrived before he could begin to process what he had just seen. The loud scream of his wife had drawn other women instantly to the bathroom. The midwife among them had gone to work to deliver the baby and everything went smoothly from there. Phew

When the process was completed, the midwife, leading the other ladies of honour, helped the awestruck mother cradling her bundle of joy move out of the bathroom to one of the offices near the market so that she could give suckle to her baby who had begun to cry. After a few minutes of observing the moving spectacle before him, the husband moved closely to his wife and whispered into her ears, “She shall be called Mercy.” The wife simply smiled and nodded her head. There was no argument whatsoever, especially the inescapable fact that the couple did not know any of the persons who quickly rallied round them and helped in delivering the baby.

Only the mercy of God could have produced what they had just witnessed. Everything appeared as if it had been choreographed. That my friend, is my favorite birth story of an individual named Mercy.

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