Abductors of 136 Children of Salihu Tanko Islamic School in Niger State took a gamble with weakness

Actually, the abductors took many gambles by their recent action but the most poignant of their gamble is the gamble on weakness. According to reports, the abductors observed the children and asked some of them to go back because they considered them to be weak. And took away those children they assumed were strong. By this action, they provided us an opportunity to examine the concept of rejecting and ignoring an individual or group on account of their perceived weakness. It is safe to say that those who disdain or ignore others because of their weakness have not given a good deal of attention to the subject. They have not seen themselves in their own weak robes. Or have not looked themselves alone in front of the mirror.

Maybe they have not drilled enough into weakness to see its attractive sides. Perhaps they let themselves be blindsided by the instruments of terror they had acquired, which conferred on them a feeling of control even though ignorance had slipped its heaviest googles over their eyes. They failed to see what life has give to those children that were rejected on account of their weaknesses. Life has given them, and will continue to give them, opportunities through the incident. As these children mix their memories of the encounter with new opportunities offered them by life, the abductors can never tell where they may be headed.

The abductors have held weakness in contempt and disdained it. They taught the children that if you are weak, you will be rejected. You will be ignored. Or may even be forgotten. But if you are rejected, ignored or forgotten, you have a chance to grow, learn and master the art of disguise. And weakness can be the master of disguise. One master of disguise has his quiver full.

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