What’s in the $65k Michael Jackson’s jacket Kim Kardashian got for Northwest as Christmas gift?

What’s in it but cologne and DNA samples?

Is that all?

What else do you find in an old jacket?

Did she pay a whopping $65k for her daughter to smell old cologne and feel DNA samples?

Celebrities sometimes do weird things so I’m not surprised

I’m surprised

That I’m not surprised


Didn’t you hear her reason for buying the jacket?

What did she say?

She got Northwest, a fan of Michael Jackson, the jacket, for memories


What kind of memories?

The kind of memories buried in the jacket. If only the jacket could speak. If only MJ had fitted the jacket to record special moments, like the occasion of Elizabeth Taylor’s 65th birthday, to which he wore the jacket.

I didn’t read any of these details in the reports about the special gift but now that you say it, one must commend Kim for the gesture. It is a stroke of genius to give her daughter a piece of clothing symbolizing the era in which bodies were fully covered. Before ‘show body,’ became the new normal. A gift that tells her daughter, ‘we were not always a ‘show body’ people, granted that we were a show body people, in the very beginning before we lost our innocence.

Today’s jackets are still like they used to be. Many still provide proper covering.

I know you know what I mean

I do. I simply want you to look away from thinking about her only in terms of ‘show body’ business

How else should I think about her?

First, and primarily as a human

Then as what?

Maybe if you thought much deeply about her reason for getting the jacket, you might see her differently

How do you mean?

How much do you think Northwest will sell the jacket for when the time comes?

Will she sell the jacket? How do you know that?

Now I know why you speak the way you do

What do you mean?

A genius investor is showing her hand, and you cannot see it

Where’s her genius at investing?

Then you haven’t paid enough attention.

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