Serenading Sanwo-Olu with Serena’s Symphony

Over the weekend, American tennis superstar, Serena Williams served a great treat, which my neighbour took into dreamland. While there, he converted Serena’s symphony into a serenade for Governor Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State.

What was Serena’s treat? It was her speech after winning the WTA Auckland Tennis tournament. Hear her: “I’ve been playing in Australia for over 20 years and it’s been really hard for me to watch all the news and everything that has been happening in Australia with all the fire… animals and people that have lost their homes…” “…I decided at the beginning of the tournament I’d donate all my prize money for a great cause.” Subsequently, she donated her $43,000 prize-winning to the Australia Bushfire appeal fund.

Here’s my neighbour’s version, which he relayed to Governor Sanwo-Olu, in his dream on Sunday night: “I’ve been living in Lagos for over 20 years and it’s been really hard for me to hear all the complains on social media and everything that has been happening to Lagosians, men, women and children that have become so unhappy with all the traffic occasioned by your comprehensive public works. I have decided to donate the entire amount I’m paid at my next gig, to the State Traffic Relief Fund.”

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