Relocating to Canada to become neighbours to Harry, Megan and Archie

I’ve been looking for a compelling reason to relocate to Canada. News of entire families relocating there, and the aggressive advertising of some agents didn’t cut it for me. Now I have finally decided to relocate to Canada

Why? What made you change your mind?

You must make hay while the sun is shining; you must strike when the iron is hot and you must open the door when opportunity knocks.

What’s the opportunity? What is taking you to Canada? Did you get a job there?

Yes, I’m transferring my services there

Your services as what?

As neighbour

To whom?

Harry, Megan and Archie, the Duke of Sussex, his wife and their son.

Holy blazes! What has come over you?

Bring down your voice. I’m on a noble mission.

You don’t think it’s the pursuit of their privacy that’s taking them to Canada? And you don’t think you are surplus to requirement, if there is any such thing?

How can? They need neighbours

And they specifically asked for your services?

In fairness to them, they did not specifically request for my services but I know they need me

How so?

Those who truly need the services of their neighbours are sometimes not able to voice or articulate their need

You’re sure about that?

Positive. Do you remember the man that was travelling from Jerusalem to Jericho who fell among robbers?

I do

After the robbers had invaded his space, plundered his purse and peace of mind, and beaten him blue black, leaving him for dead, did he have the strength to make the slightest call for help?

I don’t think so

Did he have faith that help would come to him on that dangerous road? Would any person attempting to help him not have been afraid he may suffer the same fate as he?

I hope you remember that the stranger who eventually came to his aid risked his life to do so?

I do. Thank you for using that word, stranger. I’m a stranger to them so I qualify.

You qualify to throw yourself in the line of unnecessary fire?

Yes, I do. I didn’t say its’ an easy thing for me to do. I’m paying my way to Canada. And from what I hear, they plan on living in a wealthy neighbourhood. I’m going there. Nothing will stop me. Last Sunday, Pastor Poju Oyemade reminded us about the ant. It was as if he forced my head to expand when he gave the following illustration about the little creature: “Let’s say, I place some sugar here (referring to a spot on his lectern) and the ants sense there is sugar there. Then I place my eye-glass case and cell phone to block the ants’ pathway to the sugar. The size of the eye-glass case compared to the size of the ants is disproportionately large. … but the ants are not threatened. When they come across the ‘massive case’ compared to their size, they will recalibrate; they don’t complain, they don’t murmur. They will try to find a way around it or try to go over it. Within a few minutes, all of them would have found a pathway, either they go round or they climb up. They are focused on their goals and they don’t deviate…” So am I with regards to my relocation to Canada.

When exactly do you intend to leave?

A couple of days after they have settled in. Meanwhile I have stepped up my preparation and trials with the ‘wounded’ around me. As for those who may be angry that I will be leaving some of the ‘wounded’ around me to go become neighbours to Harry, Megan and Archie, let them remember that the ‘wounded’ will always be around us.

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