As High Priest, Aaron excelled until he became Captain and everything went downhill

Meaning what?

Someone may excel as High Priest and fumble as Captain

But you may also excel as High Priest and excel as Captain

No, I cannot excel as High Priest and Captain at the same time. I know myself. Why would I want to be High Priest and Captain in the first place?

That’s how you all speak until the time comes. If they put sugar in your mouth, will it not melt?

Who are they? Let them come. I will surprise all of you

You see why I always argue with you?

That’s not why you always argue with me. You argue with me because you want readers of our dialogue to see many sides of a subject

But tell me why you don’t like to be both High Priest and Captain

Because there are other people who can equally do the job very well

But what about the rest of the people, not your colleagues or challengers. Remember Aaron was minding his priestly duties, content with Moses as Captain, when the people asked him to upstage Moses. Hindsight is always 20-20 as they say. But sincerely, if you were Aaron, would you have declined the offer? Did Aaron come across as a greedy, power-grabbing High Priest? Does his pedigree hint at any such leaning?

I don’t know

What don’t you know?

I don’t know if I would not have done as Aaron did. And I don’t have the answers to the other questions.

So, what’s the point of this dialogue?

Simple. Some persons are best suited for some jobs than others. Be sure that there’s a congruence between what others think you can do and what you have come to honestly think you can do. And like the wise one once said long time ago, to thyself be true.

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