Oprah, Meghan, Harry and what the Plants said

How many noticed the plants that were so much a part of the recent Oprah, Meghan and Harry interview? Without question, the interview brought so much to the fore, but if you did not notice, please look at the plants once more and see if you can hear their contributions to the interview.

What was their primary message? We are all plants after all. Some of us are huggers, others danglers and hangers. Some of us are crawlers, climbers and benders, while some of us simply prefer to stand straight. Some of us are bright and in your face, while some of us are cool and just there. Some of us are moving, shaking while some of us appear to be unmoving but all of us are alive exhibiting all the different characteristics of living things, in our own different ways. Some of us are in pots, some of us are directly on the ground. Some of us have pillars to lean on, some of us do not seem to have those kinds of support. Some of us are easily noticed while some of us are barely noticed.

Yet none of us is complete without the other. None of us is beautiful without the other. Imagine that set without all the plants. It would have been DBB, dull, bare, and boring.

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