A father’s haste and his children’s heart

Last Saturday, a certain man got caught up in a last-minute effort at leaving home to catch a flight because of the new realities occasioned by the general disruption of Covid-19. Before he knew it, he was fiddling with the lace of his shoes. After lacing up his shoes, he rose up to leave in a hurry but not after telling his children to go upstairs and make sure they are well behaved while he is away.

As he opened the door to step out of the house his wife handed him a small bag. Wondering what was inside it he asked, “What is this?” “Fruits your children packed for you for the journey.” Immediately, it was as if he was hit by a force. He closed the door and walked back inside the house, picked his favorite chair, sat down and began to weep quietly. His wife was confused, she did not know what had come over her husband. “What’s the matter? You should hurry up, my husband.” He raised his hands and motioned to her to stop. Then he looked up. He was that way for like ten minutes his eyes still wet with his tears. Then he whispered, “That was for you, God.”

Later he got up and walked out of his house to continue his journey promising his wife he would tell her what just happened to him but he was no longer consumed by the rush that remained heavily on him moments before.

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