How did President Trump and Melania contract Covid-19 and why at this time?

Your question reminds me of a similar question Apostle Peter and some of his friends asked Jesus many, many years ago.

What did Peter and the others say?

Check it in Luke chapter 8:45 “Master, the multitudes throng and press You, and You say, ‘Who touched Me?’”

So, what has that got to President Trump and Melania contracting Covid-19?

You have everyone breathing the same air yet you ask how did President Trump and Melania contract Covid-19

We do not all breathe the same air. Besides, Covid-19 is spread through physical contact with persons or objects bearing the virus

I put it to you that air is the primary source of spread and we are all breathing the same air

Since you have chosen to make this a court scene, I also put it to you that we are not all breathing the same air or we would all have contracted it by now

And who says we all have not contracted it? How can you tell? Someday, thanks to the promise of A.I, our lungs will be able to tell their stories and then you will know and be shocked as to how we survived the kinds of things they encountered.

There will be no surprises. Science has long told us about our disease resistant antibodies. Tell your A.I friends to deploy their energies in more relevant areas. But seriously, I am interested in how POTUS and FOTUS contracted Covid-19.

What will you do with the information if I tell you?

I don’t know. Surely, you agree with me that it will be a nice to know. You don’t think it can change anything?

It changes nothing. It is another type and shadow

You spoke about types and shadows yesterday. And you said you said you were going to tell me about wisdom today

But you did not remind me rather you were preoccupied with President Trump and Melania’s status.

Thank God for God. Thank God we don’t have to remind him to wake us up every morning or remind him to keep our organs working

What do you mean by that?

Because I did not remind you, you did not feel obligated to do what you said you’d do. Were you not the one that said you’d tell me about wisdom? You made the commitment without any prompting from me. You should hold yourself to your commitment or what do you think?

You’re right. I am sorry, I ought to have started with that instead of joining your flow of the Trump/Melania Covid-19 matter

Apology accepted but please before you tell me about wisdom tell me what is the type and shadow represented by Trump and Melania’s Covid-19 status

Not so fast, my friend. Please bear with me I will not be able to talk about wisdom again today?

Why not?

I don’t qualify


Something tells me I let you down

But I already accepted your apology?

I know you have but I am usually not whimsical about my regrets. Whenever I apologize for any misdeed, I try to make it as heartfelt as I can.

That is serious o.

If it is not heartfelt, it is usually half-hearted.

I said you are forgiven.

I believe you but I didn’t keep my word.

Might the type and shadow of the president and his wife’s Covid-19 status be another reminder about the stalker called uncertainty, and its reach and capabilities?


Might it be a reminder about our existential vulnerabilities despite our vaunted capabilities?

Wow, Wow! My friend where were you last night?

I was with the watchers.

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