What about those countries without a single case of Covid-19? Kiribati, Tonga, Vanuatu, Nauru, Tuvalu, Samoa, etc

What about them? Do you want to take Covid-19 there?

Why would you think such a thing?

The folks there are minding their business and doing their utmost to survive the indirect impact of the pandemic seeing that most of them rely on tourism for their sustenance, and you are here wondering about them. What about them?

I was wondering

You are still wondering, abi? Then you must go and look for Femi Anikulapo Kuti

For what?

Wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder, till you turn to wanderer

Over a million people have died from Covid-19 between the beginning of this year and last September with none of these countries making any contribution to that statistics and you don’t think we should talk about them?

Talk about them for what? If they did not lose anyone to Covid-19 did they not lose people to other infections or diseases within that same period? Does it matter what kills a man seeing that the appointment with death is one we all have to keep? By the way, is there some kind of award given to those who ‘contributed’ persons to the Covid-19 death bank?

I don’t think so?

Then why don’t you channel your energy towards something more productive?

Such as what?

According to the W.H.O how many countries make up that list where there has been no reported case of Covid-19?


Good. What does the number 12 symbolize?

How am I supposed to know that?

A simple ‘I don’t know’ would be fine

Ok, I don’t know

I will tell you. Sages say the number 12 is a symbol of government. Remember the twelve sons of Jacob who collectively became the nation of Israel?

Yes, but where are you getting with all this?

Government plays a vital role in the containment or otherwise of threats to the wellbeing of its people.

You are not saying that governments in those 12 countries are better than governments in those countries that recorded Covid-19 deaths?

I already answered your question. I told you these countries also have deaths from other sources.

So you are saying what exactly?

I’m saying to you to look beyond the surface and hear the things been spoken to you through types and symbols, which abound in our world

If I follow your drift and do as you suggest I will end up confused, I’m sure. Do you realize the quantum of information being disseminated through types and shadows across the world every day?

I agree with you. That is why the wiseman said, wisdom is the principal thing. Tomorrow by this time we will knock on its doors, join me.

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