Towards finding a cure (6): Pray to God. Then humour the virus while we wait

This is one of those times when praying to God is not a matter of much debate. Thankfully.  For no one can deny that we need help on many uncertain fronts. We need answers for the suffocating perplexities. We need comforts for those who mourn their dead. We need direction and insights for those investigating the virus, in search of the all-important cure. We need new anchors to regain the sense of control. Can we not find comfort from the feeling that the one true Constant, in all seasons of life; the All-Knowing God, will show us some of the answers we seek, when we acknowledge Him and ask for Him help?

So that we may laugh again. So that we may binge on humour, like before. Speaking of humour. Can we rediscover our sense of humour in this season? For those who may think it inappropriate that one is suggesting a recapturing of our sense of humour considering the general feeling of hesitation and fright, me make our proposition because of the enabling that good humour gives. Or has ‘laughter does good like medicine,’ stopped being true because of coronavirus?

By the way, why are Japanese queuing up for hours to buy toilet paper? Do they not have water in their toilets?

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