If Nigeria were the world, where would Netflix Squid Game have come from?

Why do you want to know?

Please give me the answer

First of all, where did Squid Game come from?

It came from South Korea

So, what part of Nigeria would Squid Game have come from if Nigeria were the world?

Somewhere in the North East, Borno State, I think. What’s your point?

Can we classify Squid Game as an E-shock you phenomenon?

Going by its record breaking numbers, that’s a definite yes


I’m still waiting to see where you’re going with this

It’s easy, coming from South Korea, a place that is not a global headquarters for blockbuster movies, the lesson is that ‘surprises,’ can spring up from unexpected quarters any time and stun the world. as for Borno State, this might be a good opportunity to ‘gift’ the world another E-shock you phenomenon apart from its most popular E-shock phenomenon of the last decade.

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