UEFA CHAMPION’S LEAGUE FINAL: Who will feel the pain of loss more between Chelsea and Manchester City?

I don’t like your question. Why didn’t you ask me who deserve the trophy more and I would gladly tell you the answer?

Will there be losers at the end of the match?

Please, please, please. I don’t want to talk about losses and losing. We are going to win

Are you sure of that?

We are many and we are ready and if you must know, we are coming

To where?

Everywhere, my friend

Now tell me, who deserves the trophy more between Thomas Tuchel and Pep Guardiola?

Pep should not be greedy. It is greed that got the world to where it is today. He has two trophies already from the current campaign and Tuchel does not have any at all. Remember that Tuchel got to the Finals last season and lost whereas Pep has several Champions League trophies in his cabinet. Life is turn by turn. I know Pep is a gentleman. But it is Tuchel’s turn. Don’t you like how that sounds: ‘Tuchel’s turn.’ Doesn’t it sound more sweetly on the ears than ‘Pep’s turn’. TT instead of PT. Can you picture either of them as headlines tomorrow morning? Which would you prefer?

I like both of them equally. Tuchel’s turn; Pep’s turn; Tuchel’s turn, Pep’s turn, Tuchel’s turn, Pep’s turn. Mm. There’s something there. Can you hear the beat of the song?

What song? What beat?

What role would music play in the match this evening? Which of the teams play like an orchestra? Oh! I know where you are going with this. You’re trying to hide it but I know you’re rooting for Pep I didn’t say that.

Come of it, my friend. I like Pep too. I’m just not greedy and I don’t like it when anyone shows his greed. You couldn’t have forgotten so soon the talk about winning four trophies this season. Human beings can be greedy, sha.

I know you’re trying to be clever by pushing the greed narrative and trying so hard to stick it as a label on Pep. You know, like I do, that it is something you can squeeze for maximum effect, even though you do not believe a single word of what you say. If the conditions were reversed, you wouldn’t mouth the platitude about greed. Don’t let’s argue over that. Let’s talk about dealing with losses.

I already told you I’m not interested in that subject

Then you must know that the trophy will go to the team that has demonstrated more capacity at handling losses

What do you mean?

The team that loses will have a golden opportunity to learn valuable lessons that will aid its preparation for the next edition of the competition.

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