Those who say Nigeria doesn’t need the billions of Dangote, Rabiu, Wigwe, Ovia, Otedola, Agbaje, Elumelu

Those who say Nigeria doesn’t need the billions of billionaires Aliko Dangote, Abdussamad Rabiu, Herbert Wigwe, Jim Ovia, Femi Otedola, Segun Agbaje, Folorunsho Alakija, and others, in absolving the expected impact of coronavirus on the economy in the coming days, weeks and months, predicate their argument on the following planks:

  • Every Nigerian contributing according to their capacity is better than a few individuals making hefty contributions while the rest of the country, feeling entitled, wait for handouts.
  • A bottom-up response involving everyone in the country will be better than the traditional top-down response involving a few visible individuals, which is the way things have usually been over the years.
  • That the rest of the country must move away from a culture of always thinking that we solve every problem by simply throwing cash at it.
  • That every Nigerian has a significant contribution to make however little or ordinary it may seem at first
  • That the rest of the country must save these gentlemen from feelings of the god-complex.
  • That the rest of the country must find a creative way to assure these gentlemen that possession of great wealth is not a burden or curse but a blessing and privilege
  • That Jesus, when he was going to communicate caring for the wellbeing of another, used the symbol of a cup of cold water, something everyone is capable of giving to another.

Now what are those actions that can be subsumed in the cup of cold water category, which every Nigerian can give to another as we collectively build a groundswell of response to the impact of the coronavirus on the Nigerian economy?

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  1. Loxxie March 30, 2020 at 6:17 am

    Why are the big weights in the north not among these givers? I mean dantata, danjuma, sanusi (abi him no get billions to give?)

    Where is access bank MD? And that one that thinks he has Lagos wrapped in his thumb?

    It is always the usual names from the west and one northern man that always rise to curb situations like this..


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