Lewis Hamilton, Toto Wolff and matters of happy places and multiple realities

Recent reports about Formula 1 superstar Lewis Hamilton indicate that he has glimpsed some of the excitement in his post-F1 life or ‘the after-life’ as he put it. Like Moses the Lawgiver glimpsed the land of Canaan from the summit of Mount Nebo. Thus, regarding next year,

Hamilton says ‘There’s no guarantee.’ And that is not pleasurable news to Mercedes team chief Toto Wolfe who of course, wants Hamilton back on the tracks next year. For obvious reasons. Yet he would share with us the very important idea of multiple realities.

“We are here now in our little happy place where we try to bring some entertainment into households, but then you’re back in the more difficult reality next day – and all of that is something that affects us…”

How many people are refreshed by the humanity contained in that comment? How many are relaxed that they are not ‘alone.’ That superstar entertainers and performers live like the rest of humanity, in both happy and difficult realities.

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