The smoke, the fire and two women from Tutuskanny

Once upon a time in the village of Tutuskanny, lived the husband and wife pair of Rons and Lons. One day, Rons was receiving some guests when suddenly the living area was filled with thick black smoke coming from the fire on the corner of the house over which Lons was cooking a meal. Lons saw the embarrassed looks on the face of her husband and his guests and quickly fetched some locally-made hand fans, which she distributed to her husband and his guests. They smiled and expressed their thanks as they collected the fans and began to blow away the smoke that had already begun to assault their nostrils and made breathing difficult. The efforts produced very little relief until a light-bulb moment came for one of the female guests who stepped out, and locating the source of the smoke, began to fan the fire with her fan. While others were using their fans to blow away the smoke from getting in their faces, she was using her fan to fan the fire. After a while, the fire picked up and the embers took on a bright amber glow. Immediately, the thick black smoke disappeared and there was no need for the fans anymore.

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