Those #EndSars Protesters like President Donald Trump who #Fesopow

It was bound to happen. I knew my neighbor was going to participate in the protests. Nobody was going to stop him. When the waves beckoned, he knew it was time to surf. Suddenly he was marching from one point to another with clenched fists and unending cry of END SARS! He defied the rains when the showers thought to test his resolve. Watching how he conducted himself was a spectacle in itself. Some people went to protests; others went to observe the spectacle. If you did not observe the protests directly, you ‘missed. The energy, the music, the determination on some faces was quite motivating. I paid close attention to my neighbour. I saw he lapped the side attractions but you could tell his mind was in another place. He kept looking at his phone and you could tell why.

He wanted to monitor the impact or otherwise of the protests in the quarters where it really mattered. It was almost as if every time he saw something that gladdened his heart, he quickened his pace. He was receiving help. Obviously, from a power source. What was the power source? The reactions from power centers across the country that his cause was just and legit. That appropriate steps were being taken to address them brought more fire into his supply chain. He had begun to feel it. The feeling of being powerful. Which is why as he glanced at his phone and saw the comments made by United States President Donald Trump when he returned to the campaign trail yesterday, he thought he could relate with President Trump’s feeling. “… I feel so powerful,” President Trump said. The #Fesopow began to play in his mind. When he mentioned it to me, I thought it apt. Indeed.

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