That ‘memo’ to all cows of the world sent out by Diane Warren on how to become ‘Free’

Suddenly, a previously nameless cow out of Pico Rivera in California has a name, Free. She was named Free by Grammy Award-winning songwriter, Diane Warren. She once belonged in a slaughterhouse but she will now belong in a cow sanctuary. Before her new status, she faced the possibility of slaughter every day but now, she will be permitted to live out the rest of her days in peace. When her time comes, she will be buried and not barbecued!

Diane Warren did not know of the existence of Free until last week. Each minded their business and stayed in their respective lanes. Diane had no idea Free and 39 other cows were planning a getaway from their slaughter house. By the time, she saw Free in the news, one of the escaping cows had been shot by police because she charged at a family, while the remaining 38 had been caught and returned to the slaughter house.

When Diane saw Free in the news and heard her “crying out as someone from the slaughterhouse was trying to recapture her,” she said to herself, “I’ve got to do something. I’ve got to save this cow.” She did; in the course of which she gave Free her name when she said “Her name is going to be Free.”

Free maintained the status of an escapee until ‘help’ came to her. She found a better path to fame. Instead of charging at persons to demonstrate bravery and courage, like the other cow did and was shot dead, she found another way to demonstrate bravery and courage – she remained free and alive. Those who escape and don’t get in the business of the people but stay alive somehow, may yet find the help they truly need.

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