The curved ball that cost US sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson her prized place in Tokyo Olympics Games

I’m so emotional right now. Please tell me who threw the curved ball that cost US sprinter Sha’ Carri Richardson her prized place at the forthcoming Tokyo Olympics Games?

Why are you looking for someone to blame? The young lady has already apologized for using marijuana

But why did a reporter break the news of her mother’s death to her in the middle of the US Olympic trials? Didn’t she know such news would have devastating consequences? Can anyone accurately predict how another individual would react to the death of a beloved mother? I suppose there are procedures put in place by the relevant authorities on how to break such news to people like Richardson

I feel just as bad as you too because I am a fan. And like you, I was already seeing her as another Gail Devers that would have mounted the rostrum to receiv the Olympic gold for world’s fastest woman but we have to postpone our hope

That reporter must apologize, I insist

Then the mother must apologize first, for choosing to die when she did.

You can’t be serious.

You’re looking for who to blame, let’s play. Would the reporter had gone to Richardson with such a story if the mother had not died?

Can anyone blame anyone for dying, seeing that death is a necessary end that will come when it will come?

You tell me. Leave the matter of looking for who to blame. Her ban by the US Anti-Doping Agency is only for one month. She will be back in no time if she keeps her attitude. She’s got a great attitude

Aren’t you going to say something about the fellows who suggested she smoked some marijuana, to help her deal with emotional pain of losing her mother? Who are even those profiting from the sale of the substance?

You’re just impossible…

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