How Kevin Hart & Woody Harrelson’s The Man from Toronto is a primer for becoming the best husband – 1

“Never doing what you say you’re gonna do is what got you into this situation” (1:04:24).

Lesson: Always do what you say you’re going to do because doing contrary will always lead every husband into the situation, which is that place of exasperation and despair. Woody Harrelson told Kevin Hart matter of factly that “Never doing what you say you’re gonna do is what got you into this situation. Simply put, having integrity is still an important quality husbands seeking to be the best must possess. While the temptation to over-promise is always present, giving heed remains a thing of choice. And while it might feel ‘manly’ to say ‘I can and I will,’ to every request or demand, integrity is usually comfortable with saying: ‘I’m sorry, I cannot and I will not.”
The positive energy contained in ‘I can and I will’ might seem like a cheerleader while ‘I cannot and I will not’ might appear as negative energy but the nature of life itself demonstrates that things are not always positive. Things are not always up. sometimes, things are down. positive and negative are two sides of the same coin of life: both are required for the to qualify as a jlegal tender.
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