How Kevin Hart & Woody Harrelson’s The Man from Toronto is a primer for becoming the best husband – 2

1:04:30 “Being Afraid

Being afraid is not a bad thing but it could be one. Especially when it is responsible for a husband’s failure. Of course, most husbands do not like to fail. Many hesitate from taking steps that will likely give them that outcome. That hesitation is what leads them into the ‘situation.’ William Shakespeare said a long time ago that ‘cowards die many times before their death.’ Meaning that cowardly husbands definitely find themselves in the ‘situation,’ like Kevin Hart did in the Man from Toronto. The inimitable  Fela Anikulapo-Kuti once said that: “… My people self dey fear too much, We fear for the thing we no see, We fear for the air around us, We fear to fight for freedom, We fear to fight for liberty, We fear to fight for justice, We fear to fight for happiness, We always get reason to fear…”
Another important point of note is that because they hesitate about taking up one task or another, they have little or no wins as usually nothing ventures, nothing wins. When the wins are few and far between, the celebration quotient in the home tends to be low. This could dampen general enthusiasm in the home and feed a tendency for more fears.
But make no mistake about the fact that the celebration quotient is like the amount of fuel in the tank of a car. It may be likened to fuel for further aspirations, attempts and conquests. How far can a car go without fuel or how far can the electric car go without periodic charging?
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