If only Prince Andrew had read King Solomon’s primer on telling the truth

Do you love Prince Andrew?

What does it matter if I say I do or do not?

Love is not something you say. It is something you do

Love is not something you say? Did you hear yourself? Has your wife ever heard you say that?

She knows I love her dearly

And you never say, I love you to her?

Words are cheap

Don’t go there, please

Words are cheap. I insist. Actions speak louder

Please don’t complicate things. Put them in their proper contexts. If words are cheap like you say, Sowore and Bakare will be walking about freely today

Oh that?

That and more.

We were talking about love and Prince Andrew, now you mention Sowore and Bakare.

I’m sorry I threw that in but it is so that we keep our discussion within manageable limits

Ok, I love Prince Andrew. Does that help?

What do you think?

I know he’s just lost his £240k per annum allowance, plus others

Is it money he needs right now?

He accepted the opportunity offered by the recent BBC interview to clear his name of allegations that he sexually abused a minor some years ago but he ended up throwing up a firestorm. He didn’t anticipate such reactions following the interview but I don’t believe he went into that interview without having had some sessions with his lawyers and some PR experts. Without some preparation.

So words are not cheap

Yeah, yeah, words are not cheap! But what should he have done? The allegations were not going to disappear. Surely, he needed to clear his name.

Yes, but I wish he heeded King’s Solomon’s primer on telling truth.

King Solomon?

Yes, the same King Solomon. Long, long ago, one of the chief duties he set for himself was the task of finding acceptable words for speaking truth. Truth must be spoken with acceptable words!

What is your point?

Tell the truth we must, and make sure we are using acceptable words to do so. It is not easy but it is the noble and enduring path.

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