Vladimir Putin, Vitali & Vladimir Klitschko and the Fight

Who’s feeling anything for these three combatants currently engaged in war? Who can convince them to back off from fighting and engage in peaceful dialogue? How much fight is left in the three men after weeks of fierce and deadly fighting? Who can determine how much fight is left in all of them since they stepped forward and have seen firsthand some of the outcomes of the war? By the way, is the certainty of victory proportional to the amount of fight left in the fighter? And by the time the victory sound is declared what happens to the remaining fight left in the fighter?

And who can determine exactly the total number of fights all three men are currently engaged in? Which is the most important of the lot? Which will become the more dominant fight when this season is over? There is no question about the fact that this season is the season to fight. Fight the assumption that Vladimir Putin can bark and not bite (make those who believe that construct to eat their words – Vladimir Putin can both bark and bite! As for Vitali and Vladimir Klitschko, it is the season to fight the assumption that boxing inside the ring is not synonymous to taking up arms and fighting those trying to impose themselves over your own sovereignty. And all other assumptions. Then fight the actuals, not just the assumptions. Fight every manifestation of loaded guns whether on the part of the Russians or on the part of the Ukrainians, for it has been said that everyone should be ready to fight anyone that points a loaded gun at him.

Once again, why is this the season to fight? It is because it is the season of outrage! Look around you, outrage is on the loose. It is why there are fights everywhere. And it doesn’t look like outrage will be put on a leash very soon. Yet this season too will pass. If outrage is not incarcerated, it will overreach itself and self-destruct. A critical mass will stop providing access to outrage and outrage will turn on itself. For all it takes for outrage to self-destruct is for former allies to deny him further access.

In that last point lies a vital key. While those who are already in the trenches do their thing, those not in the trenches who have identified how outrage is fueling the ongoing war, must adopt a strategy that will make outrage self-destruct – cut off the supply lines to more outrage. Dissolve the trail completely, especially when disguised merchants of outrage attempt to push across their wares.

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