Who leaked former British health minister Matt Hancock’s kissing photo, and why?

Who leaked former British health minister Matt Hancock’s kissing photo, and why?

The man has lost his coveted position, why don’t you guys give him the space he needs to properly process the episode, learn his lessons and move on?

Then you don’t know how these things work

What things? What are you talking about?

You haven’t heard of the fetish of distraction? Do you know how many eyeballs are looking for something to take their minds away to faraway places?

Please speak in plain language.

We are obsessed with anything that helps us avoid our own demons. Anything that would give us the excuse not to confront our own weaknesses and vulnerabilities. We have managed to convince ourselves that if we fixate on other people’s matters, we would not need to face our failures and shortcomings. I expected Matt to have known this

Are there things you know to be right, which you do not do, and are there things you know to be wrong, which you do?

Don’t we all?

Then why pick on him?

Nobody picked on him. Lovers of the fetish of distraction, who are constantly on the lookout for anything that would take the minds of many away from all the Covid-induced pressures of this season, believed the material was of high distractive value. Consider for a moment what could have happened while the rest of the country was fixated on Matt Hancock’s kiss. It was great cover

Great cover?

Must I spill out everything for you? But wait, don’t go off on a tangent and assume this is one of those conspiracy theories businesses, it is not. Imagine for a minute that you a Frenchman, supporter and believer in President Emmanuel Macron’s hope before yesterday’s game that superstar, workaholic footballer Ngolo Kante, would have completed the requirements for winning the Ballon d’Or 2021 because of the hope that the French team would get to the finals and win the Euro 2020 championship. Or imagine that you were a fan of Kylian Mbappe. Would you not be looking for something to take your mind to another place after that painful miss of the penalty? So many persons are missing their penalty kicks from the game of life. Such persons don’t want to dwell on the misses for long. They don’t want to be depressed for too long.

This is becoming depressing

Meaning you are now a candidate of the fetish of distraction. People like you are valuable because you prefer to be entertained (call that distracted) instead of being depressed

Thats enough, I don’t want any more of this

Before you go away, don’t forget the critical substance of the story

And what is that?

Vulnerabilities are goldmines. Diggers with sophisticated weapons are on the prowl, looking for gems to harvest out of our vulnerabilities

But we are all vulnerable, aren’t we, including the diggers?

Absolutely! The hunter can always become the hunted. The predator can always become the prey in this space. So, we must be careful at all times

No one can be careful all the time without outside help

Where can one find that?

In a saviour.

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