Liam Neeson’s fear of ‘losing the light’ in Made in Italy as metaphor

In Made in Italy, Liam Neeson was overtaken by the urge to finish a particular painting. The image was coming out impressively before his eyes. His imagination was flying on full blast. Every condition necessary to produce a masterpiece was primed and already making significant contributions to Liam’s efforts. The light was playing its part. The brushes and ink caressing the cooperating canvas as Liam’s mind went back and forth anticipating the elation that would attend the expected accolades from admirers and critics alike of the finished work.

Unfortunately, while the fear of losing the light agitated his mind and automatically made him shut out other considerations, including the more important duty of looking after his toddler son who was left in his care by his wife, Liam pointed our minds to his interest in another light, the spotlight. It was not something he did deliberately. No right-thinking father would ignore his toddler and be consumed by the urge to finish a painting because of fear of losing the light from the sun. but the urge to finish a project, task or duty can sometimes be strong, compelling and overwhelming making us to black out from our minds other equally important obligations.

Liam did not know when he inadvertently albeit temporarily substitute the spotlight with the light from the sun. The substitution came at a great cost. The lessons from the tale recommend themselves strongly to all who believe the spotlight is the most important light and must be courted at any costs.

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