Tyler Perry’s A fall from Grace inspired prayer this Valentine – Part Two

Grace and Shannon got married and she was so in love. Hear her:

“The way he touched me, I felt so alive. He was wonderful. The man of my dreams. So nice to me. So sweet. So good. My life went from black and white and routine to happy and over the top. It was like watching a magic show. I was so in love. So blinded by what he was showing me in his hands that I never looked at what he was hiding behind his back.”

  • Oh God, save me from all blindness

Grace was shocked to discover she had been conned. Hear her:

“I had been conned. All of it was a lie. I knew it but my brain could not process what he had done. There I was with nothing. He had taken every bit of it. I was so lost. How could this sweet, loving man become this cold, calculated demon in no time. I was beyond hurt by the betrayal. I needed a lawyer.”

  • Oh God, please help me heal from every hurt

She went to her Sarah, her ‘best friend,’ to share her broken heart. And get advice on a good lawyer.

  • Oh God, please save me from any ‘best friend’ not meant for me.
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