It might seem too late for President Trump to win this November but…

Consider the following:

  1. His capacity to irritate, offend and annoy using his tweets
  2. The formidable media machine ‘rooting’ for his opponent, Mr Joe Biden
  3. The ‘verdict’ from most of the polls
  4. His recognition of that possibility in his recent “Could you imagine if I lose?” question
  5. The fear by many of his supporters to publicly identify with him


  • This is still October the month famously compared to the last two minutes of a basketball game when anything can happen
  • His ‘resurgence’ in some of the polls, in which he has ‘closed’ some of the gaps
  • The possibility that those ‘secret’ supporters who have not publicly identified with him might use their vote to ‘speak’ in his favour
  • The possibility inherent in the disclosure by ancient Babylon’s trusted administrator recorded in Daniel 4:17
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