Who’s taking inspiration today from Sylvester Stallone who once sold his dog for $50 because he was broke?

Every now and again, men find motivational fuel from the stories of others who almost gave up but continued to push ahead, despite debilitating circumstances. We love those stories because of how they lift us up. We love how they enable to start again. And the fact that because we gave it another push, the door that we almost told ourselves was never going to open again, for example, eventually opened.

Sylvester Stallone, the star of Rocky and Rambo was so broke once that she sold his beloved dog for $50. He sold his friend because he had fallen on desperate times and felt he could no longer cope but he pulled himself by the bootstraps, like they say and eventually moved into a position where one of the first things he did was buy back his friend for $3,000!

How many people know how best to ‘buy back’ the friends they once sold by indifference, carelessness and insensitivity?

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