Dan Foster: Lagos best metaphor of an unforgettable sandwich

Dan Foster left the show midway. But he did not do so out of disrespect for his audience. He stopped speaking to us. But he did not do so because he was fed up with us. He turned his back on the microphone. But he did not do so because we stopped applauding him. He stopped teaching us. But he did not do so because we stopped learning.

His methods taught us that after sliced bread, the next best thing was the sandwich! One on the one side, the other on another side and something in between. Dan Foster on one side, we on another side and his brotherly microphone between us. He sent over his thoughts. We received the messages and sent over ours. He switched gears. We got the cues and did likewise. He teased and we returned the favour. He laughed loud. And we did too. He talked about many shows, show persons, shows things even though he had become a big show himself. We told him so. That moved him and brough more shows out of him. He continued to hear from us. And the sandwich shows continued.

Yet Dan would come on Sunday mornings and frequently zing his broadcast with a certain “I can only imagine,” song. Why? It was still part of the show but a subtle and unmissable reminder of the real show ahead of us all.

See you then, Bro.


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