5 Merits in Rapists Anonymous, RA the Program modeled after Alcoholic Anonymous, AA

I was delighted with a feedback to our post on what Albert Einstein may have done about the RAPE SCOURGE (read here). Some persons have decided to establish a Rapists Anonymous, RA program, modeled after the immensely successful Alcoholic Anonymous program.

Below are 5 merits of the proposed Rapists Anonymous program

  1. This is the most important merit for starting the program: whatever existing strategy or lack of one in the overall response to tackling rape, is not working! The rising number of cases put a lie to any claim to the contrary. A complete overhaul of the collective response has become imperative. The female gender is facing threat of extinction, like some other endangered species! This is not an extreme portrayal but just the kind of kick needed to begin another completely different narrative. Check how many rape victims were murdered alongside the violation of their basic rights and you’d better appreciate the kind of existential matter rape has become. Persons behind Rapists Anonymous wish to make a real difference anchored on a strategy different from what has been
  2. Persons behind Rapists Anonymous wish to provide a more concrete evidence of sincerity and honesty to counter the supposition that men generally acquiesce to rape matters
  3. AA has been effective in helping to tackle the problem of Alcoholism for many persons. Perhaps Rapists Anonymous could operate a similar template using openness, honesty, resolve, restitution, repentance, faith, etc to achieve similar level of success in tackling rape
  4. Some research reports have shown a relationship between drunkenness, alcoholism and rape. Eliminating every causal factor remains an important task in the overall strategy
  5. Persons behind Rapists Anonymous want to capture those who regret their past deeds; who have repented from that atrocious path, and wish to make whatever kind of restitution the program recommends, not necessarily because of fear of being called out but for the sake of justice and the conscience.
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