Albert Einstein would have recommended these 6 paradigms shifts to deal with Rape

Because ‘We cannot solve any problem with the same thinking we used when we created them,’ a quote often attributed to Albert Einstein, he would have recommended the following 6 paradigm shifts for us to deal more effectively with the problem of Rape:

  1. In framing an effective response to the wicked act, we must jettison the ‘It’s a man’s world paradigm.’
  2. Women must LEAD the battle rather than the way it has been
  3. Less is more (in terms of disclosure of defense strategies)
  4. Self-defense measures, also known as judo, taekwondo, pepper spray, etc must be pushed to the less effective category
  5. Minimize heavy reliance on social media hashtags
  6. There is a historical incident in which angelic activities permanently shut down a carefully planned rape attempt. Deeply investigating and creating the conditions that favoured such angelic interventions would engage the attention of every honest attempt at stopping Rape.
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