Make all phone calls (without exception) indoors – a new study finds!

Scientists and researchers working frantically on the Coronavirus have established an association between phone calls made outdoors and the spread of the disease! The researchers observed that subjects who sneezed in the air released respiratory droplets, which attached themselves to mobile phones whipped out of the pockets by all the participants in the study. The participants had been told to bring out their mobile phones from their pockets as soon as one of them sneezed.

The scientists went on to suggest that until a vaccine was created for coronavirus, all phone calls should be made indoors.

He had this funny look on his face when he told me about the research. And I should have taken that as my cue to put up my defenses but I let him lead the way. He did not disappoint at first but he could not hold it together for long. He started laughing. That’s when I knew the whole thing was made up.

‘How could you?

How could I not? Everywhere I turn there is one study or another about coronavirus, as if there is some kind of competition for the study that frightens us the most. Now blacks are more likely to die from coronavirus than others, new study has just announced.

But researchers have to do their work? The whole world is counting on them at this time

Is that why it should become an all-comers affair? Some kind of race where motives can be easily compromised?


Have you noticed the speed at which some of these studies are announced? Have you also noticed how some of the studies are announcing conflicting results?

What did you expect? Our differences are a vital part of our shared humanity

Please don’t go down that road, my friend. I know that bit but we must be careful about putting everything on the laps of researchers?

How do you mean?

Don’t leave common sense behind when you when you examine those ‘findings.’ The other day, one group of researchers told us they had found the solution to mental health challenges faced by many men – those men should continually stare at the naked breasts of women to be well again!

You must be joking.

I am not. It was a scientific study

Oh, common on. You can’t be serious.

I am very serious. Ask Google

You don’t have anything against science?

How could I? Science has done us an incredible world of good but let us always remember that the best scientists at their best, are still men. They have motives and emotions like the rest of us. They have their biases and idiosyncrasies as the rest of us. And most importantly, they are not immune from politics, whether global or local.

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