Wait, wait, wait! Did Mercy Chinwo say ‘You (God) carry my matter for your head o…?’

Yes. Are you just hearing the song?


I don’t believe you

I heard my neighbor singing the song yesterday and that line refused to leave me

Can you not simply say you love the song?

I do

Good. By the way, the title of the song is obinasom

What does it mean?

I’m not sure but I think it’s something about my heart is sweet.


I know right. The song is sweet.

It’s melodious. Mercy Chinwo has a great voice but

But what?

That God carry my matter for his head? Mm. No. It doesn’t sit well.

My friend, it’s just a song

Yes, and a message

Do you think God cares about such tiny details?

Do you think he doesn’t?

Where did you think mercy get her image of God from?

From the Bible of course

Ok. I know you are a Christian yourself. Do you agree with that portrayal? That God carries your matter on his head?

When you put it like that I’m not sure.

You’re clever

You’re cleaning the spot with cotton wool and methylated spirit before you jab me, abi? Go ahead. Tell me what’s on your mind.

Change that line from “You carry my matter for your head o,’ to ‘You carry my matter for your heart/mind o…’

That’s all?

That’s all. It wasn’t so hard, eh?

It wasn’t. But I’m not Mercy Chinwo.

I know. I also know you know how to reach her.

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