Can you imagine – Lagos is not among the most overworked cities in the world

Who told you that?


What experts?

The experts behind the Global Work-Life Balance Index 2021

What did they say?

To be honest with you, it is actually what they did not say.

Ok, what did they not say?

I will tell you what they said and you will tell me what they did not say

Ok, fair enough

They said the top 10 most overworked cities are: Hong Kong (29.9%), Singapore (25.1%), Bangkok (20.2%), Buenos Aires (19.9%), Seoul (19.5%), Tokyo (18.3%), Houston (16.6%), Kuala Lumpur (16%), Calgary, Alberta (15.5%) and London (15.4%)

What do they mean? Where is Lagos on that list?

Exactly. Wait a minute. Do you know what they mean by overworked populations?

Please tell me

Overworked populations are full-time employees who work more than 48 hours in each working week, exceeding the International Labour Organization’s recommendation of 40-hour workweeks.

Oh, I laugh in Urhobo! The researchers must never have heard of Lagos, my beloved Lagos.

You know what’s funny? If they were to make the issue a JAMB or WAEC question, and ask: True or false – Lagos is not among the top overworked cities in the world, you know there will be confusion. Every candidate from Nigeria, will say false and the examiner, following the findings from the Global Work-Life Balance report, will fail those candidates.

I agree with you but how do we resolve this contradiction?

We keep learning

When did you say the report was published once again?

May 2021

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