World Health Organization (WHO) should have called the new Covid variant “Mumu,” instead of “Mu”


If the variant is not Mumu (fool) why would it choose this time to ‘shine?’

You are joking, right?

No. Is there anything to joke about Covid? Or Delta or the new Mumu? Oh, oh, oh, because Mumu saw how everybody ‘hailed’ Covid, and how some people are already ‘shaking’ before Delta, it too wants to come and shine, at our expense. Mumu must be joking. Mumu miss road.

It’s Mu, not Mumu.

I will never call it Mu.

Then you may fall into the trap of mistaken identities

I don’t care. The season of fluid identities is upon us. I am afraid the consequences of fluid identities will not be as fluid as some think. But make no mistake, a Mumu will not shine for long because a fool and his goods are soon parted.

You’re speaking in parables. Speak plainly. Kindly explain to me: If Mu is a fool, like you think, what goods does he have?

Mumu is feeling ‘cool’ that he has the locks to the fears of many but he will be shocked. E-shock you! Ha, ha, ha! Oh, where is Broda Shagi when you need him?

You think this is a joke, abi?

I am not joking. Mu, or Mumu cannot take my joy or peace of mind! Tell him and the W.H.O, I said so.

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