The Parable of HILMQUVWX (Pronounce Hilimkiuvix), the condition also known as chasing shadows

Once upon a time a cat happened on a village of rats. The cat was overjoyed at its good fortune, and began immediately to map out plans on how it would live off its known favorite dish for the foreseeable future. At first, it thought of returning home to get a wife with whom he would enjoy its good fortune but decided to do so the following day after successfully burying the first unfortunate rat inside its stomach. Relishing every moment.

The next day, it went through the same mental transaction after satisfying himself over another unfortunate rat. And pushing further the thought of getting a wife to the following day.

By end of the week, he had banished the thought of ever going away to get a wife. Whenever the thought of his future crossed his mind, he told himself he would cross the bridge when he got there.

The rats on the other hand, had gone over several meetings, exploring how they would survive the clear and present danger, one that looked like a complete wiping out of their race if they did nothing about it. What were they going to do? They stood no chance against the cat even though they far outnumbered it. They knew it wasn’t in them to do a face to face with a cat. It was not in their genes. But surely, nature could not have been so unkind to smear them with a smell, which when inhaled by cats, kicked the cats into meal mod; without giving them something they would use for their own survival. Everywhere, nature has made sure everyone has its own edge. What you lack in one area, you have in another area.

After much investigations and enquiry, the rats came up with a solution to their challenge. They would find a way to afflict the cat with HILMQUVWX (Pronounced Hilimkiuvix), the condition known as chasing shadows. It was a moment of genius for the rats. Its implementation was perfect and spot on. The strongest among them fine-tuned the plan and went to work. At night, they got this big mirror, which they used to direct the light from the moon, to the face of the cat to get its attention. After getting its attention, they began to move the mirror indiscriminately, with the cat doing all of the work chasing the moving light without success. When it got tired and opted to rest, the rats would start again, moving the light over its eyes until, unnerved, the cat resumed the chase. But getting no success. This bit and the other bit of making sure no unfortunate rats crossed the path of the cat anymore, ensured the rats were eventually rid of the cat.

The day after the cat died, one of the rats approached the eldest rat and asked for more information about HILMQUVWX . The old rat smiled and said,” Whilst looking for information on what to do to survive the actions of the late cat, we discovered that it came from a place that had not found a cure for the HILMQUVWX condition. In that place they leave the obvious and expend energy on the non-essentials. They believe that their biggest problem is because none of their component or states have names that begin with the HIJLMQUVWX alphabets.

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  1. Thelma Opara March 17, 2020 at 4:20 pm

    Wow. This is quite indepth. Such is the case of Nigeria, my country. More grace sir.


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