Fishing mirrors life: the fascinating reminders from Argungu International Fishing Festival, Kebbi

The Argungu International Fishing Festival, which held last week in Argungu, Kebbi State offered plenty opportunities for fun, recreation, amusement, empowerment, networking and immense learning.

The cultural spectacle that made a rebound after eleven years’ wait brought smiles to the people of the state as well as visitors and guests. For the Chief Host, Governor Abubakar Bagudu, it was a moment of great pride. A moment of satisfaction. The kind that is experienced by many African mothers who spend considerable time in the kitchen preparing the family meal, and who take only a small portion when the food is ready and served, preferring to fill the remaining part of their stomach with the looks of relish usually displayed on the faces of those who have downed her meal.

I kept looking at his face, especially his eyes, the window to his soul; the seat of his intellect, will and emotions. Those vital components of the infrastructure behind every action and steps we make.

You could tell that the Fishing showpiece was a fitting tribute to the deployment of remarkable intellect, will and emotion. From the organizing team to the contestants themselves. Herein rests the beauty of the architecture that delivered the festival the world saw last week.

Speaking of beauty, there was plenty to take in from a close observation of the contest proper as the contestants waded into the Argungu River to begin their chase. I didn’t know how many of the married among the 30,000 contestants compared their quest with the ‘chase’ of their first love. The moment when no one else but the subject of their desire would do. See what Argungu Fishing does to one? Its rich contents with varied applications to life certainly commend it to our deeper interest and study.

Below are further deductions from the Festival, especially how some of its key drivers mimic lessons that can be applied in other areas of life:

 Victory is usually for those who dare! None of those persons who remained at home, or stayed away from the cold waters of Argungu River, without their fishing nets and hooks, became the centre of attraction to the multitude of guests who bathe them in admiration as they stood beside their big prizes

 The top prize usually waits for those who deploy the following in their pursuit: focus, passion and skill

 Every participant is a winner to some degree. Every one! Everyone who ventures, wins. Something out of life. Even when it is not the top prize.

 Prepare to be surprised by joy when the moment comes. Joy from expected and unexpected instruments. Applause from expected and unexpected quarters.

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