What to do while in self-isolation when there’s no electricity to power A/C, fans, phones, etc

The windows are the most important parts of the house when self-isolation mode is activated following discovery that an individual has contracted coronavirus.

  • So make friends with the windows as they let in light from the sun in the day and as they let in light from the moon and stars in the night
  • Don’t let the splendour of the sun and the other lights go to waste. Let some of it wash away the apprehension, gloom and general feeling of disappointment associated with being in isolation
  • Repeat the same exercise at night
  • How else can you see the brighter side of things without the lights?
  • Make a deliberate attempt to recapture the wonder these lights have always given, especially in the past when you noticed! Remember that these lights have been freely given by Providence; thus they are not dependent on man-operated systems to function.
  • With the foregoing as your canvas, you may now begin to paint all the other free gifts you have received. Then make some note of gratefulness beside each free gift. Don’t be hasty about this. Take time. Make it heartfelt, and not half-hearted. And you will pass the time in self-isolation more quickly. For time does not pass faster than when you are caught up in the wings of wonder.
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