Super intelligence Nigeria – ‘Wild Application – Six: Empty and unused accommodation and spaces will be filled

Is anyone in doubt about Super Intelligence Nigeria’s ability to identify empty and unused accommodation and spaces all over the country, especially the many empty and unused accommodations that dot many urban centres?

Can Super Intelligence Nigeria not provide a formula that allows for these spaces to be filled by persons desperately in need of accommodation, in a way that benefits the owners of these properties?

Would the larger society not be better off with many more persons having decent accommodation and owners of these facilities properly remunerated for their assets?

Wouldn’t Super Intelligence Nigeria be able to determine realistic reasonable valuations of these facilities and would it likely charge brokerage and other fees that sometimes significantly increases the costs of accessing these facilities?

Would Super Intelligence Nigeria insist on annual rent payment or a more reasonable and ‘pocket-friendly’ formula? Seeing that Super Intelligence Nigeria has access to all financial records and accounts, how easy will it be for a tenant in any of the Super Intelligence Nigeria– leased facility to default on payment, especially when the tenant has the means tucked away in some bank account?

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