Those claiming Duffy’s Netflix exchange over 365 Days, makes the fight against Rape a winking in the dark

Below are some reasons over 50,000 persons have protested to Netflix to remove the movie 365 Days, in support of Singer Duffy’s letter to the network to remove the movie from its service:

  1. Portraying sexual violence as entertaining, conditions the mind to see acts of sexual violence, as tolerable.
  2. Portraying victims of sexual violence as ‘enjoying,’ the clear violation of their rights, conditions the mind to seeing acts of sexual violence as ‘not so bad.’
  3. Portraying acts sexual violence as redemptive, desensitizes the mind against the natural reaction of revulsion and anger.
  4. Portraying perpetrators of sexual violence as being driven by love for their victims, confuses the mind and introduces all kinds of elements into the mix, which take significant momentum away from the fight to stop the incidence of rape
  5. Portraying acts of sexual violence as glamourous, inadvertently makes it something desirable. Such that some people may even begin to set it for themselves as a goal or target.
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