Fast and Furious Fate

Ripping through a fateful day with audacity.
After taking from its heart-constricting brew
To force it down many throats.
Having no care if e-choke those
Already cornered.
Seeking one goal
In which its target will discover
The horror of tragic goodbyes.

Fast and Furious Fate
Insisting on a tale
We must all hear
And remember
Life’s a flash
A blink
And twinkle
A heartbeat

Read again
The handwriting of furious fate
Beginning with spiraling uncertainty
Piercing deeply at all hearts
Instantly the air was still
The tears were quick
Flowing without let
Down hundreds of eyes

Fast and furious fate
Usurping the cry for privacy
Stomping through routines
Losing many in the crowds
Yet ripping them of their longing for privacy
Quenching fires
Extinguishing dreams
Banning cheers

Fast and furious fate
We have our own tales
We had our moments
Though they seem dim
Yet in faith we hope
In hope we see
Not with your tale
But through it.

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