Underpants: who else may be interested in the intimate storehouse?

Some persons have shown that they are interested in the underpants worn by other people. At first it sounded as an absurd interest to many people who heard of the development. They were fascinated by news that a category of persons had recruited underpants thieves to go to homes, hostels and other places to steal underpants of young ladies and guys. Then news of the phenomenon caught on like wild fires as cases of theft of the intimate storehouses spread in different parts of the country. But the news soon gave way to other trending news and many forgot. If only forgetting had wiped the weird activity from the minds of the merchants but I doubt if that is the case. God forbid that the abnormality is mutating under the cover of heavier news items waiting for another moment to unleash a worse version of what was witnessed in the first wave.

The news reported a different kind of underpants theft recently. American commando fighters who witnessed the final moments of the death of ISIS founder, Abubakar Baghdadi, determined his identity after they matched DNA from his remains with those they had obtained from his underpants, which had earlier been stolen.

It is understandable why the underpants of Baghdadi were a targeted asset. He went about in a suicide vest, which those who tracked him, felt he would detonate if threatened, which eventually was the case. They wanted to be able to correctly match his DNA from blown pieces of his body.

What about those who are not looking for underpants for DNA-related investigations? Do they use underpants themselves? Then they should know that the best security systems are not themselves entirely fail-proof. These systems are sometimes breached because as creatures of habit, developers often incorporate the element of habit and routine into those systems. Any outsider with the right skill set and sufficient dose of patience can observe that system close enough to see what point to interrupt the process and cause a breach.

The foregoing is for those who set up and operate security systems. That is their goal and focus. Yet they are sometimes breached.

What therefore is the hope of the other underpants thief, who steals underpants not as an end in itself but as a means to any of those popular nefarious ends? Here is what happens: when the underpants come into their possession, attention immediately shifts to the end. The possibilities of what the charms created from the underpants would bring. Unfortunately, the game changes at exactly the same point when the underpants are no longer an end but a means to an end. Suddenly, the thief become vulnerable to any other individual who has set his or her eyes on them for some equally selfish ends.

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