Obama, Biden, Bezos, Gates, Bloomberg, Musk, Kanye, Kim, Apple, Twitter: 10 Reasons why it will happen again

  1. We are still in the age of Disruption
  2. We remain creatures of habit; we easily settle into routines even after radical disruptions of existing routines
  3. Routines mean predictability, and taking certain things for granted – those are the indicators prowlers seek for their harvest
  4. We expect it would happen again, that factor called self-fulfilling prophecy
  5. Those involved have time, they can afford to be patient and bid their time
  6. When sharks smell blood they feel a rush and move…
  7. The urge for sport and entertainment continue to grow
  8. We have an army of digital natives seeking to test boundaries
  9. We have those for whom it is anything but Covid-19-induced boredom
  10. The argument as to whether to take David seriously and believe his recommendation on staying safe in Psalms 127:1, lingers.
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