The fallacy of saying that hope is not a strategy

Saying hope is not a strategy has become somewhat commonplace. Some ‘experts’ now throw it about like a mantra anyone seeking success should not wear. In our ‘pursuit-of-material- success-saturated-world’ the idea of waiting patiently in hope is treated with disdain and held in contempt.

Unfortunately, because some of the people who throw around the idea that hope is not a strategy often dissociate it from context, that vital tool for grasping meanings, the statement itself becomes a fallacy.

Hope is definitely a strategy for a farmer while it may not be a strategy for a warrior. Yet what is the name of that place in which a warrior finds himself after checking that all his weapons are intact and ready to be deployed?

Take another look at the above photo. That is proof that hope is a strategy to a farmer. On June 29 this year, we planted some pepper seeds on our balcony and concluded the exercise in hope. Can you notice the ripe and unripe fruit?

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