Mark-Jack – the 2024 ‘dream team United States presidential ticket’ intriguing the watchers

Why put sand sand in Kamala Harris garri and deny her the opportunity of becoming the first woman president of the United States? She’s not even been given the chance to spread her wings yet. President Trump is yet to formally concede to President-elect Joe Biden as winner of the last elections. Besides, 2024 is still far away.

Wow. Just one single statement and you downloaded all that heavy stuff on me?

It’s not fair

What’s not fair?

We must give our women a chance (Oh! Where is Osayomore Joseph when you need him?) The case for a woman president is quite tight. Look at the numbers.

Did I say this discourse was about KH?

What else is it about if it is not about her? Suddenly, you are trying to lure two tech heavyweights into the big race and you want them to jointly square up against KH. It’s so unfair

Pardon me, but have you been dreaming about KH lately?

Who hasn’t? Don’t forget she’s not just the Vice-President elect. She’s a special VP elect in an interesting and dynamic season, especially with regards to the peculiar characters of her principal, President elect Joe Biden. You must know that KH will be very influential in the next administration, which will be a fitting dress rehearsal for 2024

I’m sorry to disappoint you; that is not the focus of this discourse

Put your bad belle aside, my friend and hop on that train. Get in the flow

What will happen to your train if Mark Zuckerberg teams up with Jack Dorsey to run for the presidency in 2024. I understand the watchers have considered the implication of such a team in running for the presidency.

What watchers are you talking about? By the way, I already answered your question. I told you it’s unfair. Besides, they can’t. They just can’t. Why? And why would you suggest such a thing?

Can you slow down a bit?

Slow down for what? Why should I slow down? Oh, no. It is a complete mismatch. KH and the Democrats will spend heavy dollars yet it would amount to little when stacked against the behemoths with fingertips at shaping peoples’ views, opinions and actions. The increasing use of social media by a massively important segment of the population, the youths, means the contest will be a mismatch. The results will be heading in just one direction

I told you to slow down?

Slow down, you say, I will not slow down. You want to pitch KH against Algorithms, you are not a nice person

You say it’s not fair. Now you say I’m not nice. Can you please tell me when fairness and niceness worn elections? How many persons became presidents because they campaigned on the anchor of fairness and niceness? Besides, these gentlemen have not indicated anything like interest in the presidency in 2024.

Oh, please! Whether you think you are flying a kite or not I can predict the outcome of such a contest. This is not the era of late Billionaire Ross Perot who some people derided for running for the United States presidency because in their view, he was already a billionaire in business. This is a different era. These tech billionaires you now want to pitch against KH in 2024, have their fingers on the pulse of people’s minds, through their behemoth platforms, in ways that Ross Perot could never have imagined

I said you should slow down. You forget some people prefer being king makers to becoming kings themselves?

Come off it, my friend (Taaoma, where are you?) How long have either of them been chief executive of Facebook and Twitter? When will there be a new chief executive for either corporation? And you think they will want to leave those roles that let them influence the minds of billions of people around the world instead of focusing on less than 400 million people?

Then you don’t know how the minds of intriguing billionaires’ work

And you do?

Of course. How much did Andrei Sator spend on his family vacation to Vietnam aboard his yacht in Christopher Nolan’s recently released TENET?

Can you stay with the subject, please? Quit comparing apples and oranges

Then you don’t want to know how the minds of intriguing billionaires’ work. If you remind me some time, I will let you in on some of their secrets. Suffice it to say that for many intriguing billionaires the chase is more important than the prize. They do certain things just because they can! In case you didn’t notice, whereas the space of persons wielding political power is shrinking, the space of persons wielding power over minds, views and opinions have enlarged. That’s why the watchers are paying attention to the Mark-Jack possibility.

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