What did you do with the loud quiet that entered the city when EURO 2020 ended?

I fried yam and egg with it! See, my friend, I’ve moved on. Leave that matter.

I know you. You don’t leave matters so quickly like that.

Then you have not heard the saying, ‘there is no time to check time’

Who told you that?

We move!

To where?

The next

Tokyo Olympics, or what?

Anywhere belle face?

What is Anywhere Belle face?

The future. See my friend. I don’t have the energy for any postmortem right now

I didn’t say we should do a postmortem. I asked what you did with the loud quiet that fell on the city after Bukayo Saka’s kick for England

Please, please don’t get me back on that road. I left it on Sunday night.

Are you telling me you did nothing?

I did something. I moved my thoughts to the family Sound Sultan left behind. Then prayed for them

You’re so kind. I like it when you imitate the quiet by showing kindness, every time the quiet makes a loud announcement, like it did last Sunday night

Mm. I didn’t know quietness is kind

It is. And beautiful too. Which is why I have joined my neighbour to pray that the welder who lives beside the gate to the estate, would get a huge business breakthrough that would make him move his business to another location. The noise from his generator keeps every attempt by quiet to visit the neighbourhood and spread its kindness. Do you know that quiet knows every soul?

Tell me about it

Quiet comes in gently and lets you think. That’s the biggest gift of quiet. Oh quiet! How did you know how desperately we need to think more? There’s too much spontaneity and on-the-spur-of the moment actions everywhere. Persons punching keys every moment, uploading this or that, and running commentaries on almost every subject. Do you know why the attention span of many people have dropped? Quiet hangs outside the doors more often than not.

You forget that many actually prefer quiet to stay away. Because conscience does not have a better ally to do its thing

I know but conscience can still do its thing without the company of loud quiet.

You’re not saying you are happy that England lost?

You can’t make that deduction from what I have said.

But you enjoyed the loud quiet because it let you think?

I did enjoy the loud quiet because it let me think

What did you think about?

Novak Djokovic and his 20th Grand Slam after winning Wimbledon’s men’s single’s finals. In the same England, on the same day!

Has it occurred to you that you over-think sometimes?

Do you think so?

I believe so

And you don’t think Novak winning his 20th Grand Slam title inside the same country that lost to Itay, was something worth considering?

They are both unrelated quantities.

I agree but can you deny that winning and losing go hand in hand?

Why didn’t you just say that? Of course, I believe winning and losing go hand in hand.

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