Five Fallacies about Bitterness

  1. Bitterness is not sweet and pleasurable –

Bitterness is sweet and pleasurable, especially when the individual or group that is targeted suffers one setback or another. Or when a plan of revenge becomes successful

  1. Bitterness is not transferrable –

Bitterness can be transferred from one person to another. Parents can transfer bitterness to their children; one group or company can transfer bitterness to another

  1. Bitterness surrenders to logic, reason and evidence –

Bitterness does not readily surrender to logic, reason or evidence because bitterness runs heavily on the trickiest rationalization syrup

  1. Bitterness remains the same –

Bitterness grows and never remains the same because bitterness can be ‘fed,’ nursed and nurtured until it is much bigger than it ever was

  1. Bitterness is easily noticed –

Bitterness can be cleverly hidden and disguised. An individual harbouring bitterness towards another can cleverly hide his feelings and make sure they are undetected.

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