So RMD turned 60 last week

Have you just woken up?

No vex, wor ghwuor!

Worwor? Are you, are you normal? Did you just mention worwor in a discussion about RMD?

Haven’t you heard the word wor ghwuor before? It is not the same as Worwor.

It sounded the same to me

I know. Its what anger does. You are angry that I didn’t mention RMD’s 60 birthday last week. You are now seeing everything I say through that prism

You can say whatever you like

But I already said wor ghwuor

I heard you

Please scale down your anger

I won’t. You were busy writing about strangers last week and you left out RMD

Ah! Now, your anger is becoming a danger to you.

Come of it, my anger is no danger to me or anyone. You should apologize instead of trying to make this about me

I already apologized, I said no vex, wor ghwuor.

Do you know how many times you have repeated that word already?

Four times

Oh, so you’ve been counting

I have. Do you know what the number four stands for?


I will tell you. The number four stands for grace


Grace is RMD’s story. Grace is the reason he attained 60years whereas both his parents didn’t attain the age before they passed. Grace is what he shares whenever he delivers his lines and craft. Do you know how long RMD has been in our faces since his days at the Theatre Arts Department of University of Benin? Longevity plus relevance is grace in motion, my friend. Some people call grace unmerited favour but I prefer one explanation RMD must surely know – “Tree near tree na make monkey smart.”

I don’t understand you – “Tree near tree na make monkey smart.”

It’s easy. Put trees far apart from themselves and bring a monkey to show his jumping skill, if he’d have any left.

Why is the Pidgin English version sweeter than your explanation?

Abi? God bless the person who created pidgin. Which do you prefer, RMD using pidgin English or the

correct English?

Don’t get me started on another matter. Which one is correct English? Pidgin English is not correct, abi?

That’s not what I mean

Always say what you mean. For your information, I prefer RMD’s pidgin. I can never forget one movie he starred alongside Liz Benson. Oh, God, if you heard RMD’s pidgin, it was like music. I can’t remember the movie title but here is how my wife and I begin our talk about RMD, “I hold my side.” That line came from RMD during a conversation with Liz Benson, in the movie.

Wow! That’s the RMD effect, my friend. Please can you tell him to make more videos using pidgin English

Only after you have wished him a happy birthday

Oh! That is easy. Happy Birthday, Bros RMD! Migwo.

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